Cars with best Leg Room

Ford Mondeo

When you think of a roomy family car, the Ford Mondeo is likely one of the first that comes to mind. It has been popular for years as an excellent family vehicle because it provides plenty of interior space. There is enough legroom for adults and, since it's a little wider than some other cars (like the VW Passat), there's less chance of elbow-bashing if three grownups have to sit in the back seats together.


The tallest of adults might struggle though, as headroom is a little low. Up front the car is really spacious, providing a comfortable ride for both driver and passenger. The boot is large with a wide opening, making it easy to fit in large, heavy loads. Available in a range of diesel and petrol engines, you'll find used Ford Mondeos to be competitively priced; thus, this car suitable for many budgets regardless if you're looking for economy or performance versions..


Mercedes E Class

Not only does the Mercedes E Class have a lot of space, it also feels luxurious. In the back seat, three adults can sit comfortably with plenty of room to relax. And regardless of whether you choose the saloon version or the estate, this is a car that you can drive for long distances without feeling cramped.


In addition, it has a large trunk and many compartments for storage inside the vehicle. You should look for pre-owned models with the latest technology, such as remote locking that can be controlled through your smartphone. Also, most Mercedes cars are diesel-powered which is more fuel efficient.


Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb comes with plenty of legroom, without comprising style. Not to mention, there's also an abundance of headspace in the backseat- meaning that even tall adults can sit uncomfortably. And for those who are worried about not being able to reach the pedals, don't fret! The front seats have configurable settings so that drivers of any height can be accommodated.


This car comes with a large trunk that can easily accommodate multiple suitcases as well as plenty of storage space throughout the vehicle. It is available with either a 1.4 liter or 1.6 liter petrol engine, or a 2-liter diesel engine. It is both fun to drive and economical, making it an overall great choice."


Nissan Note

Although it's not always the case, those searching for more legroom are often also in pursuit of a larger car. If that doesn't describe you, then take a look at the Nissan Note. This mini SUV accommodates five people and has plenty of space throughout. Those in the front will have no problem stretching their legs, and even tall drivers should find enough headroom to sit comfortably. As for rear passengers, they'll enjoy considerably more space than many compact car rivals such as the Citroen C3 Picasso


The squeezed middle seat might not be ideal, but two adults will still be comfortable. The roomy boot is also one of the largest in its class at 411 litres. You can choose between a 1.2 or 1.5 engine, both providing you with nippy yet enjoyable cars to drive."